Published research articles about Pinavia:

1.  Juozapavičius, A., Buteliauskas, S., & Krasauskas, R. (2010). Improvement Possibilities of City Transportation System by Using PINAVIA Interchange. Environmental Research, Engineering and Management, 3(53), 36–42.
2. Juozapavicius, A., Buteliauskas, S. (2014). Evaluation of Park&Ride Facility inside the PINAVIA Junction from the Perspective of Sustainable Development. The International Journal Of Engineering And Science, vol.3, issue 4, p. 51-57.
3. Kurauskas, V. (2016). On the genus of the complete tripartite graph Kn,n,1. Discrete Mathematics, doi:10.1016/j.disc.2016.09.017
4. Buteliauskas S., Juozapavicius, A. (2017). Climate Impact-Minimizing Road Infrastructure Layout for Growing Cities. Int. J. of Environmental, Chemical, Ecological, Geological and Geophysical Engineering, Vol:11, No:5

PINAVIA was presented at these conferences:

1. City Transport Middle East, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Jan 18-19, 2011: Unique road junction "PINAVIA" – a key for a sustainable city development
2. Alternative Intersections and Interchanges Symposium, Salt Lake City, US, July 20-24, 2014: Interchange of a new generation PINAVIA
3. ICECC 2017 : 19th International Conference on Environment and Climate Change, Rome, Italy, May 4-5, 2017: Climate Impact-Minimizing Road Infrastructure Layout for Growing Cities.
4. (upcoming)  GeoMEast 2018 International Congress and Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt, Nov 23-29, 2018.