Modelling the Pinavia junction

A mathematical optimization model has been developed in order to quickly draft PINAVIA designs within optimal technical and economic parameters for a given location, taking into account various circumstances and other structures at the location.

Pinavia modelling

With the help of this model a PINAVIA junction design is prepared by: based on a selected speed of traffic – entering the minimum radii of curvature for roadways in the direction of traffic on the circle; and based on specified traffic flows – entering the number of traffic lanes, as well as their width in each direction of traffic. The result is a visual PINAVIA design, which can be automatically optimized with respect to the area of the external plot of land, overpass area or selected overpass and land area ratio. A PINAVIA design, which has been optimized in this manner, is easily superimposed on any aerial photo of a location (e.g. one obtained through Google Maps). After adjusting scale size, the design can then be shifted or rotated to determine its optimal location among existing buildings or other location features. If it is determined that the PINAVIA is suitable for the chosen location, preliminary construction costs can then be calculated.

Pinavia on ortho photo

All this can be done in 30 minutes. The results can then be used for further design and project development.