The invention of the PINAVIA road junction relates to the field of road construction. The purpose of the invention is the rational and effective distribution of traffic flows at the intersection of high-intensity roads.


The PINAVIA road junction employs the principle of circular interweave to rationally resolve the passage of intersecting roads through the use of overpasses or tunnels, thus creating conditions for the safe and unobstructed flow of traffic at the intersection of any road, in any desired direction, and without a need to change either a lane or driving speed.


The use of a traffic flow matrix to determine an optimum number of traffic lanes ensures that the junction’s capacity is no lower than that of the intersecting roadways, thus lessening both the causes and effects of traffic congestion.


The road junction can be used for the design or reconstruction of both new and existing roadway interchanges, as well as for planning comprehensive, high-volume, vehicular transportation systems.