Comparison of PINAVIA and Cloverleaf interchanges

 Cloverleaf interchange Pinavia 

Parameter Cloverleaf Pinavia Comments
Through speed Unlimited 60
Arc speed, km/h 45 60 Cloverleaf R=50 m, Pinavia R = 150 m
Conflict points 4 0
Height, m 6 0-6 Height of symmetric Pinavia - 3 m
U-turn possibility Yes Yes A roundabout is possible in the Pinavia center
Capacity Limited Maximum Cloverleaf allows only 1 turning lane to the left; traffic flows intersect
Road distance straight, m 656 748 Plotis 2x3,5m
Road distance left, m 363 1,000
Road distance right, m 505 485
Price of asphalt road surface EUR/m2 125 125
Area of asphalt roadway (without overpasses), m2 45,078 64,745 Width of road straight - 8 m, left and right - 6 m; shoulders 1.25m
Price of asphalt road surface, m. EUR 5.6 8.1
Area of overpasses, m2 1,635 5,622
Price of overpasses, m. EUR 1.5 5.2
Total area, ha 11.0 13.9
Unoccupied area, ha 0 6.1
Land value, EUR/m2 10 10
Land value, total, m. EUR 1.1 1.4
Value of unoccupied land, m EUR 0 0.61 Income
Investment value, m. EUR 8.26 14.72
Total price, m. EUR 8.26 14.11
Sistela: Comparative economical parameters of construction costs, Sistela Ltd., Vilnius, 2009-03. 
RC: Land Cadastre of Lithuanian Republic, 2010-03

The PINAVIA junction (blue) is almost twice as expensive as a Cloverleaf interchange (yellow) of the same area. However, the area at the center of a PINAVIA junction can be used for urban management, commercial objectives and transit infrastructure. PINAVIA also has no conflict points and has a high through capacity in all directions.