PINAVIA vs. highest category, 4-level interchanges


4-level interchange



 4-level interchange  Pinavia

Parameter 4-level Pinavia Comments
Through speed Unlimited 70
Arc speed, km/h 70 70 R = 250 m
Conflict points 0 0
Height, m 18 0-6 Height of symmetric Pinavia - 3 m
U-turn possibility No Yes A roundabout is possible in the junction center
Capacity Maximum Maximum Depends on the number of lanes
Road distance straight, m 1,402 1,587
Road distance left, m 1,419 1,995
Road distance right, m 1,232 1,153
Price of asphalt road surface EUR/m2 125 125
Area of asphalt roadway (without overpasses), m2 107,650 146,707 Width of road straight - 8 m, left and right - 6 m
Price of asphalt road surface, m EUR 13 18
Area of overpasses, m2 18,780 4,080
Price of overpasses, EUR/ m2 869-1,737 869 Kvadratinio metro kaina auga didėjant viaduko aukščiui
Price of overpasses, m EUR 40.2 3.5
Total area, ha 30.5 36
Unoccupied area, ha 0 18.5
Land value, EUR/m2 10 10
Land value, total, m. EUR 3.1 3.6
Value of unoccupied land, m. EUR 0 1.85 Income
Investment value, m. EUR 57 25.5
Total price, m. EUR 57 23.6

Sistela: Comparative economical parameters of construction costs, Sistela Ltd., Vilnius, 2009-03. 
RC: Land Cadastre of Lithuanian Republic, 2010-03

Looking at the parameters above, the PINAVIA junction is equal to a 4-level interchange by function, and PINAVIA is twice cheaper comparing the construction costs.


Pinavia vs 4-level interchange

The overall area of the PINAVIA junction (blue) is 18 percent larger than that of a 4-level interchange (yellow). However, half of the area of PINAVIA junction can be rationally utilized for urban management purposes.