PINAVIA – a unique 2-level road junction

PINAVIA is the only junction in the world having only 2 levels and at the same time:

  • having maximal capacity and safety (traffic flows do not intersect),
  • allows to utilize the free zone in its center

PINAVIA is an effective element in city development and transportation strategy

Gallery 4-road Pinavia junction 
3-road Pinavia junction 5-road Pinavia junction
Elliptical Pinavia Modelling the junction
City strategy
Sep 9, 2017, Cities Skylines
Cities skylines: Pinavia
A nice video of Pinavia implementation in the Cities Skylines game was created by a dedicated gamer PugGaming: Cities: Skylines - The Pinavia Interchange page.
May 4-5, 2017, Rome, Italy
Pinavia was presented during the 19th International Conference on Environment and Climate Change, Rome, Italy, May 4-5, 2017, and received the best paper award. Find the article and other publications on the Research page.
19-22 Nov, 2012 Kuwait
PINAVIA awarded a gold medal in the 5th International Invention Fair in the Middle East. Pinavia booth was honored by a special visit of the Minister of Public Works.
18-22 April, 2012 Geneva
PINAVIA wins a silver medal in the 40th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. This exhibition of inventions is considered largest and most prestigious in the world.
5-8 Apr, 2011 Moscow
PINAVIA won a gold medal at a XIV Moscow international salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies "Archimedes-2011". City transportation improvement strategy with the help of PINAVIA junction attracted a large interest of visitors, new contacts with several Moscow universities were established.
16-17 Mar, 2011 Seul
Eureka Day 2011
Inventor of PINAVIA received a grant by the Lithuanian Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology for a trip to EUREKA DAY 2011 - joint event of EU and South Korea aimed at creating a market-oriented industrial R&D network. A dialog is being carried out concerning the PINAVIA invention and the possibilities for implementation of the new strategy for improvement of transportation systems in the East Asia countries.
18-19 Jan, 2011 - Abu Dhabi

PINAVIA received a large interest in a conference for city planners and designers in the capital city Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates: City Transport Middle East. Participants from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah emirates, and also from neighbouring countries (Qatar, Quwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan) had plenty of questions. A survey carried out by the conference organizers indicated our presentation was very well accepted. Discussions of the possibility to implement PINAVIA solutions in several municipalities are under way.
23-25 Sep, 2010 Sevastopol
Naujas Laikas 
PINAVIA was awarded a gold medal at a international exhibition of innovations "New Time" in Sevastopol, Ukraine and received two nominations.
7-10 Sep, 2010 - Moscow

PINAVIA was awarded a silver medal at the 10th Moscow international salon of innovations and investments. Unexpectedly an honor to represent our whole country was given to us by the organizers, who named our booth "Lithuania". At the site of our large model of the PINAVIA junction visitors unanimously were asking us: "Fantastic! When are you building this in Moscow?". We also deeply appreciate the help of the Lithuanian Embassy during our stay in Moscow.