Technical parameters – projected speed 70 km/h

Parameter Pinavia, 70 km/h Comments
Speed in all directions 70 R > 300 m
Conflict points 0
Height, m 0-6  Either tunnels or overpasses possible
U-turn possibility Yes A roundabout in the center
Capacity, auto/h 24,000 Single lane – 1,500 auto/h
Construction cost, m. EUR 23 [Sistela]
Total area, ha 53
Free area in junction center, ha 23
Land value, EUR/m2 10 [RC]
Land value, total, m. EUR 5.3
Value of unoccupied land, m. EUR 2 Income
Investment value, m. EUR 28.3
Total price, m. EUR 26.0
Sistela: Comparative economical parameters of construction costs, Sistela Ltd., Vilnius, 2009-03. 
RC: Land Cadastre of Lithuanian Republic, 2010-03.