Potential PINAVIA infrastructure

Pinavia infrastructure

At the intersection of highways, which are next to large metropolitan areas or major industrial enterprises, the center of the PINAVIA junction would be best suited for smaller industrial enterprises, logistic centers, vehicle depots, transport repair services, motels, etc. Similar infrastructure would best serve international, long-haul drivers and travelers.

In metropolitan areas where principal beltways/ring-roads and radial roadways intersect, the PINAVIA junction’s central area is best suited for large shopping, amusement and service centers, other consumer attractions, parking facilities connected to public rapid transit services. Without any additional investment, a complex of this type would help reduce traffic flows to and from a city’s center during peak rush hours, as well as reduce the ebb and flow of asymmetrical traffic.

Entry to Pinavia

Traffic and road signs, as well as other pertinent information must be posted on roadways well before lanes split in order for drivers to be able to choose required directions of travel within the PINAVIA intersection and safely enter the necessary traffic lane.

Electronic signs or billboards informing drivers of traffic problems on any road beyond the intersection should be erected well before the junction. Drivers would then have adequate time to choose other directions of travel. Moreover, they would also be able to choose to enter the PINAVIA and spend time at one of its attractions, rather than in congested traffic.